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Mama Natural Skincare Product Set

In the box set you will get

  1. Mama Natural Tamarind Mask Cream Net 100g.
  2. Mama Natural Extra Gentle Soap Bar Net 80g.
  3. Mama Natural Secret Bright Soap Net 200 ml.
  4. Mama Natural Secret Bright Lotion Net 200 ml.
  5. Mama Natural Luffa Sponge

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Mama Natural Skincare SET
“Give Your Skin A Natural Beauty, we care your safety from mother to child.”
All Mama Natural Skincare products, they all happen with best selection and careful intention. Because we understand the mood of the mother during pregnancy. We want to deliver good quality skin care products and safe from chemicals to guarantee to mom it has no consequences for the baby.
We also promote activities to love the family with the concept “Spa at home by Mama Natural Skincare”
Every dad can take part in the care of your skin during pregnancy.
Help mom to feel relax, warm feelings with love. This result mom to feel relax, happy, comfortable on skin, feeling valuable, feeling good each time mom is taken care of, these will be sent directly to the baby in the womb as well.
For more information please call No. (+66)20560964, (+66)932629156, (+66)0881653665



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